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Stanislav Glazov

Stanislav Glazov


Stanislav Glazov is a Russian-born visual artist, musician, and photographer based in Berlin. For over 15 years of working in the fields of light and visual art, he has always been looking for innovative opportunities in the intersection of art and technology.

As head of interdisciplinary art and design studio Licht.Pfad, founded in 2013, he brought his works to different events and spaces around theworld. Taking on visual design, animation, video production, software development, and 3D mapping, Licht.Pfad produces immersive installations from the ground up.

Furthermore, for over 10 years Glazov has been actively engaged in educational projects, providing online and offline workshops focused on audiovisual technologies and music production.


AV LIVE: TouchDesigner & Ableton

Workshop about the use of TouchDesigner in Combination with Ableton Live for creating professional AudioVisual Shows and Installations.


Approaches for creating Live AV Performances:

-Using TD for Visuals with another Musician
-Using TD for Visuals for you own AV Live Performance
-Using TD with Ableton for AV Installations
-Animation vs Generative

Hardware/Software Setup:

MIDI vs OSC, TDAbleton, LiveGrabber, Virtual Sound Cards, ASIO4ALL, DC and AC Coupled Sound Cards, Setup windows and OSX computer to send midi data over ethernet and localhost

TouchDesigner as Visual Tool:

-TD Ableton for control Touch From Ableton
-Ableton as Timeline Tool for TD
-MIDI for Control Touch From Ableton
-Max4Live Devices to Send Data between Ableton and TouchDesigner
-TouchDesigner Setup for Live Performance

-Structure of AV project for your own AV performance
-Structure of UI for AV performance with another Musician
-Modular Setup Principle: Sound Analysis and Routing

TD as Generative Tool for ABLETON
Map Clip play from TD
Map Ableton parameters from TD

Please register via Mail to: workshop@shedhalle.de
Contribution towards expenses: 20€ / 15€ reduced