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Philipp J. Pamer

Philipp J. Pamer


Philipp J. Pamer was born in 1985 in Italy and grew up in a South Tyrolean mountain village. From 2005 until 2010 he studied feature film direction. His graduation film „Bergblut“ had been awarded internationally several times and shown in the cinema in four countries. Since then Pamer works as an independent film author and producer south and north of the Alps.



“VR WIESN” is a virtual reality adventure. Director Philipp Pamer explores the visual language, the dramaturgy of motivations, the use of orientation points in a 360° sphere and much more. The immersion of the spectator allows to dive into the action on the bustling streets of the biggest folk festival in the world with VR glasses. At the same time, the project is intended to turn the Munich Oktoberfest culture, tradition and zeitgeist into a virtual event, no matter where you are in the world. The actress Christina Schmideder, who can be recognized by her hat with the beautiful feather, is your VR guide Chrissi.