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Christoph Marischka

Christoph Marischka


Christoph Marischka studied politics, economics and psychology in Tübingen at the turn of the millennium and is still active in the Information Centre on Militarisation. There he deals with "Africa Politics", reconnaissance technology and military research at German universities. He earns/ed his living as a labourer, publicist and scientific employee of members of the Bundestag. In his youth he enjoyed programming in Assembler and Turbo Pascal. Today he works on his computers exclusively with open source software. For online research on this book, he always used the Tor network. Information which is only available via Google and Facebook was not included in the knowledge base of the manuscript.



Tübingen and the region are to become an ecosystem for the development of artificial intelligence. There have been protests against this. Fundamental reservations against AI research are met with anti-capitalist criticism of the companies involved and the fear of a transformation of the region into an “armaments location”.
Christoph Marischka, protagonist of this movement, has written a book (in publication) on the subject in which he describes the Cyber Valley as an “accident of knowledge”, following the (media) philosopher Paul Virilio. He will present passages of his book for discussion.