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Michele Samarotto & Daniel Kurosch Höpfner

Michele Samarotto & Daniel Kurosch Höpfner


Foto: CT::SWaM, Daniel Neumann

Michele Samarotto studied at the Vivaldi Conservatory of Music Alessandria (Italy) where he obtained diplomas both in classical saxophone and jazz. He is currently completing a master’s degree in Music Informatics at the Institute for Music Informatics and Musicology at the University of Music Karlsruhe (Germany). As composer, performer and researcher he's active in diverse musicaland artistic areas.

Having been trained in recorder, piano and oboe, Daniel Kurosch Höpfner first came into contact with electronic music through his exploration of Pure Data and SuperCollider. Now finishing his master's degree inmusic informatics at HfM Karlsruhe, he pursues his interests in auditory perception, algorithmic music, interactive music systems, etc. through the practice of research and sound art – specifically generative music pieces and live-coding.


untitled a/v

"untitled a/v" is an audiovisual duo live coding performance centered on a collaborative graphical approach to dynamic wave-terrain synthesis. An inherent coupling between the auditive and visual realm is created by deriving both audio and video from the same underlying algorithmic processes. Both performers individually control two constituent parts of the audio/video synthesis, attaining a particular kind of musical interdependency by tightly interacting with each other through auditive as well as visual feedback.