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V Ly

V Ly


V Ly is an artist and writer born in Seattle (WA/USA) and has studied in Michigan and Shanghai. She is currently studying Fine Art at Goldsmiths, University of London. Inspired by her nomadic upbringing and the metropolitan spaces she has stayed, various spaces are examined in her research and practice — transitory and perpetual, virtual and artificial, oneiric and surreal, material and immaterial liminal interspaces.

Her works in moving image, installations, prose, and poetry writing are an exploration of tropes of power dynamics, institutions, intersubjective relations, and the subtlety of violence. She seeks to use language and multimedia to present a study of the phenomena of interspaces and non-places, and the contingencies of the embodied in-between.


[ _ ] |{ _____ }

[ _ ] |{ _____ } is a piece in the provisional form of on-site performance exploring the beauty and tension of inter-species relation and negotiation of the performative human/nonhuman body. In the performance, a performer ritualistically changes water for a nonpoisonous jellyfish by moving it using a small fishbowl in between water of slightly varying salinities in a row of seven small clear acrylic tanks. The response from the organism will be recorded by field recording and hydrophone recording devices attached to the tanks.