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Established in 2017 Vølksamt! is an arts collective and a de facto organization against bloated art.

“We produce installations, compositions of happenings, performances and sonic material.

We stray away from implicit narratives and profound poetry.

We stem from our fascinations.

We do things to weigh the outcome.

Things we make just are.” (Vølksamt!)


Vølksamt! LIVE

"Everything in the world is exactly the same"
-Kanye West

Vølksamt! has been creating music ranging from historically informed electroacoustic to Punk, from Jazz to Noise and from Free Turkish music to Acapella.
Every Vølksamt! show is completely improvised and we do not mean this lightly.
Expect modular synthesizers, drum machines, frying pans and angle grinders.

Vølksamt! im Löwen