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Karl Heinz Jeron

Karl Heinz Jeron


Karl Heinz Jeron was born in Memmingen, Germany in 1962. He lives and works in Athens since 2018. His art deals with every day culture, media perception and information processing. He creates experiences rather than objects. Jeron's work spans from the singing and dancing robot Sim Gishel, to compositions for electrified rotten vegetables and audio tour guides in onshore wind farms. Recent exhibitions, events and collaborations include Athens Digital Arts Festival, ZKM Karlsruhe, Ars Electronica Linz, Documenta X, ICA London, Walker Art Museum Minneapolis, Berlinischen Galerie Berlin and the Museum of Modern Art San Francisco.


Cryptic Life Signs From The Multiverse

Karl Heinz Jeron’s sculptures sing an infinite number of songs generated by artificial intelligence (AI). The AI has been trained with field recordings (NASA space sounds, urban soundscapes and nature sounds).
Jeron’s music-making machines don’t work any differently than any other composer. First, they learn about existing styles and then create similar technical reproductions. The AI recognizes patterns in the structure of a piece – for example, the chords used, the notes of a melody, repetitions or variations. Based on these patterns, the AI recreates the “logic” of a musical genre and finally creates an infinite pool of new compositions, which are based on originals or deliberately differ from them.