Festival for Electronic Arts




Institute for Theatrical Future Research at Zimmertheater Tübingen.

Text & Direction Peer M. Ripberger
With Anaela Dörre, Mario Högemann, Thea Rinderli, Christopher G. Wittkopp
Assistance Ilja Mirsky
Stage Design Stephan Potengowski
Dramaturgy Nele Solf


In the frenzy of machines or the right to be lazy

"A spectre is haunting Europe" – the spectre of digitisation. But contrary to the prevailing opinion, it is not the individuals who are threatened, but the capitalist system – as long as we use the new technical possibilities accordingly.

What happens when we have machines work for us - when we stand up for the right to be lazy by the time gained? The play looks for utopias of digitisation and automation, questions socialist writings such as Karl Marx's "Fragment on Machines" and his son-in-law Paul Lafargue's "The Right To Be Lazy". It outlines a positive vision for digitisation in which people are free from the hardships of wage labor. An evening full of agitation and self-irony that simply blows away the internalised imperative to diligence.