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Fraction (Eric Raynaud) is a French sound and new media artist living in Paris whose work is particularly focuses on immersive and audiovisual experience. His first musical productions appeared on the German label Shitkatapult before joining the Parisien label InFiné in 2008.

After his first release on the label InFiné, Raynaud moved away from traditional music fields to focus on digital arts, working on complex stage designs and hybrid writings that combine visual, sound and physical medias.

He has been in 2019 composer in residence at IRCAM (Paris) for the project Symbiosis.



Vector Field

The audiovisual artist Eric Raynaud, aka Fraction, presents “Vector Field”, in which he explores the real-time manipulation of a vectorial stream. The result is an ode to the art of transformation.
Like many contemporary scientists, the artist also proceeds from the idea that time does not exist and is only a human perception of change in transitory states. There is no before, and there will be no after. There is no past. There is no future.
Following this principle, in “Vector Field”, Fraction irradiates a three-dimensional homophonic structure, with deliberate reference to the science of topology and the common representation of sound waves in Western culture as the aesthetic framework for a computer-generated eddy current that embodies an elusive landscape.