Festival for Electronic Arts

Shining Kollektiv

Shining Kollektiv


Timo Dufner/PPLC

Timo Dufner is a musician and video artist in the field of media and information technology. He is part of various production teams in electronic music. The main focus of his work lies in the exploitation of software failures, so called glitches, real time processing, live coding, machine learning/AI as well as the direct interaction of sound and image.

Jens Schindel/Tschänz

Jens Schindel is a digital artist and self-employed software developer based in Tübingen. During his studies he worked in the fields of Artificial Intelligence, Computer Graphics and Image/Signal Processing. The focus of his work is to make the latest research results accessible and experienceable to a wider audience in an interactive way.

He implements projection mapping installations on various architectures and landscapes and regularly enriches the "Schlachthaus” events with visual-immersive experiences.


Shine On

We aim to create an interactive real-time installation using the audience as the main source of light and music. Visitors enter the corridor via an LED portal. They are scanned from different angles while passing through the portal. This information created by the audience is spread along the corridor using generative audio via MAX/MSP and video via TouchDesigner. The installation is interactive, as visitors experience the installation by entering the portal, as well as the visual and audio elements interacting with the geometry of the corridor’s space.