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Ari Dykier

Ari Dykier


Ari Dykier is a visual artist based in Poland. He attended Camerimage Film School in Toruń (Poland) and has spent most of his career as a filmmaker. He focuses on creating animated visuals using collage as a reference to the tradition of surrealism. Inspired by artists like Jan Lenica and Bruno Schulz he develops his own ideas exploring the unconscious, through dreams and memories.
In 2017 and 2018 he collaborated with the renowned polish baroque orchestra Arte dei Suonatori, creating visuals for their concerts.
His work has been awarded with the first prize at the VJ Contest, Art Vision 2019 Moscow and with the second prize at the VJ Battle Kyiv Lights Festival and at the Live Mapping Contest LPM Rome 2018.



“Imaginarium” is a journey through the inner world of memories, images and possibilities. The depicted world of creatures refers to dreams, myths and symbols and lets the audience dive into an exceptional reality in order to connect with their subconscious and inner self. As with previous works, this performance involves a technique of collage, exploring the deeper 3D space in a 2D world. Life is constant dreaming, and so is the “Imaginarium”.